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Its about first time girl`s extramarital relation with boy.Super Watch Hot Movie Pahli Bhool

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Who is there KAUN HAIN WAHAN full movie hindi movie Kudrat, kaynat, duniya, jahaan, naam kayi magar cheez ek, Khuda ki kudrat se kaynat bani jismein insan bana. Insani jazbaton ke alag alag rangon mein jo sabse hasin khubsurat rang hai woh hai MUHABBAT. Aaiye hum aapko muhabbat ki aam dastano se hat kar ek alag tarah ki muhabbat ki kahani batate hain jiska dusra pahlu hai KHAUFF... MUHABBAT aur Kauff ki ye dastaan shuru hoti hai MUSKAN aur JAY se... Ye do jawan dil, ek dusre se beintaha pyaar karte hain. Waqt aur halat ke chalte dono ka pyar parwaan nahi chad pata aur Muskan ki shaadi ek amir aur behad sharif naujawan SUNNY MALHOTRA se ho jati hai. Lekin sachcha aashique JAY ye sadma bardasht nahi kar pata aur zahar pikar apni jaan de deta hai. Pichli baaton ko bhulkar MUSKAN, SUNNY ke sath shadi kar leti hai. Ye naya joda honeymoon manane keral ke ek khubsurat resort me pahunchta hai. Muskan apni pichli zindagi bhool kar sachchi bhartiya naari ki tarha sunny ko dilo jaan se apna pati kabool kar leti hai. Udhar karodpati Sunny Malhotra apni khubsurat aur masum biwi Muskan se behad pyar karta hai . Honeymoon ka ye suhana safar is se pahele ke mithi yadon ke sath khatm ho jata, us resort me Sunny ko ek laash nazar aati hai jo baad me har pal har jagah uska picha karti hai ....Yahan se kahani leti hai ek naya moad. Kiski hai wo laash ? kaun hai wo jo har pal Sunny ki sukhi zindgi me khauf ka andhera bhar deta hai? Kaun hai wo jo aghori viddya ka istemal kar raha hai aur kyun? Kaun hai wo jo muskan ko kidnap karwana chahta hai? Kaun ? kaun ? KAUN HAI WAHAN ? WHO'S THERE ? Rongte khada kar dene wala khauff , har pal badta suspense, aur dil ko chhune wala music ka ye entertaining safar akhir kis moad pe khatam hota hai? Audience ko hila kar rakh dene wala CLIMEX janne ke liye dekhiye WHO'S THERE ? KAUN HAI WAHAN ? Genre: Suspense/Thriller Director: Ejaz Ahmed Cast: Rajbeer Singh, Kalpana Mathur, Gagan Kang, Mushtaq Khan, Rana Jung Bahadur, Upasna Singh, Hemant Birje, Arun Verma, Shehzad Khan

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Tadapti Jawani is a B-grade HOT Hindi movie 

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The Movie starts with a fight in which Durga Prasad bashes up polices for occupying the house of a poor woman. Visweswara Rao comes to know the heroism of Durga Prasad and tells him his flash back. Visweswara Rao and Chandra Sekhar are the best friends. They have a kid each. Visweawara Rao is a business magnate and Chandra Sekhar is a police officer. Chandra Sekhar arrests a dreaded goon and the goon's supporters kidnap the son of Visweswara Rao and hold the kid as hostage and want to exchange the kid for the release of goon. If Chandra Sekhar does not release goon, he would be getting a promotion and prize money worth 5 lakhs from the Government. At the last spurring moment Chandra Sekhar becomes selfish which results in the death of son of Visweswara Rao. Due to this incident Chandra Sekhar becomes enemy of Visweswara Rao. The wife of Visweswara Rao gets paralyzed. Visweswara Rao's aim is to kill the son of Chandra Sekhar. Visweswara Rao asks for the help of Durga Prasad in killing the son of Chandra Sekhar. Durga Prasad accepts to be the contract killer. In the process, Durga Prasad cures the paralysis of Chandra Sekhar's wife. Durga Prasad also kills Simha Prasad. Charulatha, the niece of Visweswara Rao, falls in love with Durga Prasad. Visweswara Rao is impressed with Durga Prasad, as he got rid of Simha Prasad and cured the paralysis of his wife. He wants to adopt Durga Prasad as his son and marry off Charu Latha to him. But, it is revealed that Durga Prasad is a big enemy of parents of Charu Latha back in their Nizam area. Then there is a remote village in Telangana, which is dominated by the family of an MP. There are no doors for houses in that village. This arrangement is done because the sons and goons of MP can run into any home and take hostage. Durga Prasad is a hardworking and heroic IPS officer, which is sent on a special duty to get hold of the goons and set the village right. Hema falls in love with Durga Prasad after observing his daring personality. Hema proposes to the parents of Durga Prasad and all the elders accept the match. In a particular fight Durga Prasad's hand gets paralyzed. The parents of Hema cancel the alliance with Durga Prasad. Hema defies her parents and enters the house of Durga Prasad and stays there by serving him and making him a healthy man. At the time of Durga Prasad and Hema marriage, the villains reveal that Durga Prasad is not the real son of his parents.

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The Story is about Kali who lives along with his mother on the business of hiring mike set and lighting equipment for wedding and other ceremonies. Jyothi is a singer who sings chorus in films. A lady police inspector keeps on following Kali and tries to seduce him to make him fall in her love. Kali is also a threat for many in his area as he answers only with muscle power if things work against him. Knowing this, once Jyothi claims that she is Kali's person to save herself from a group of eve teasers. Eve teasers leave her for the fear of Kali. In a dramatic sequence, like in any other film Kali happens to encounter Jyothi. Gopichand inclines for Jyothi and proposes her. But she negates and tells her flash back. Jyothi's aim is to become an IAS officer. She happens to meet Surya, who is another IAS aspirant, in a train. They make friendship and eventually love sprouts between them. For a few reasons, Surya shuns his idea of becoming IAS officer but encourages Jyothi in her attempts. He also says that he would marry her. He accentuates that he wants to see her as Jyothi Surya IAS. He also makes a nameplate in advance that reads 'Jyothi Surya IAS'. But accidentally he gets killed in a road accident. Jyothy wishes to remain unmarried throughout her life assuming deceased Surya as her soul mate and husband.

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  There are nine people who are here to write a final test for a corporate concern. They are ushered in to this posh room which looks a bit strange with a hi-tech locking system and manned by a security guard. It seems more like a strong room. After they are seated, the invigilator comes in and tells them they have 90 minutes to answer one question. He lays down some restrictions: they cannot spoil the paper, they cannot talk to the security guard, they cannot try contacting the invigilator, and so on. After he leaves, the candidates look at the paper and see only their candidate numbers written on it. So begins the acid test to decipher the question and crack it.

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The movie starts in the late 1980s when a group of friends celebrate their farewell party. They promise each other to keep in touch. Among them are Hanumantha Rao, who has a son named Prabha, and Vishwanath who has daughter Nandini. To reach their professional goals, Vishwanath and his daughter travel to Switzerland, while Hanumantha Rao becomes a criminal lawyer and settles in India. Thus, Prabha and Nandini get separated in their childhood. Years later, these old friends call for a reunion where a grown-up Prabha is eager to see his love Nandini. But, another girl Nisha, daughter of local don, attempts suicide when Prabha doesn't accept her love. Her father tries to kill Prabha and his friends but Prabha gets out of trouble by faking a story about his childhood love Nandini. During the reunion at the farm house of Buchchaiah, Prabha happens to see Nandini. He tries various tantrums to impress her, but in vain. His attempts are always thwarted by her brother. One day, he knowingly gives a lead about his sister's favorite game of Basketball, forcing Prabha and his team to create a Basketball court. As they play basketball, in comes Rishi, as Appala Raju's son, who gatecrashes into the game as he is cheered by Nandini. Both Rishi and Prabha both vie with each other to impress Nandini, leading to a cold war between them. Meanwhile, Prasanna, daughter of Buchchaiah, confesses to Prabha that she was in love with a man and she would marry him if she could pay a dowry of 50 lakhs, and she forces Prabha to talk to her father into marrying off her to her boyfriend. Prabha is able to convince Buchchaiah about his daughter's marriage with the help of his father and his friends. Impressed by his managing skills, Nandini too begins to like Prabha. Jealous of Nandini's liking for Prabha, Rishi's friends try to paralyse Prabha by misconnecting the power cable of an iron box. Hanumantha Rao, unaware of their conspiracy, accidentally touches the iron box and gets an, leading to a scuffle between Prabha and Rishi. The fight results in Hanumantha Rao ejecting Prabha out of the house. Later, Prabha finds out that Rishi is not Appala Raju's son, but the nephew of Vishwanath. Vishwanath betrayed his father by marrying his girlfriend rather than the girl chosen by his father. As a result, he is ousted by his father. Hanumantha Rao, on behalf of Viswanath negotiates with his father for a reconciliation. After many attempts, he agrees to forgive Viswanath but on the condition that his daughter's son should marry Nandini. Prabha decides not to reveal his love for Nandini and makes up his mind to leave. As Prabha tries to leave, Nandini reveals that she too loves him. But to save his father's reputation, he doesn't reveal his love to her and leaves the place leaving Nandini heartbroken. Nisha's father too realizes the truth that the story that Prabha had said was a lie, and tries to kill Prabha. Meanwhile, Nandini gets to know the truth behind Prabha's silence and convinces her father that she loves Prabha and he should get her married to Prabha. Prabha is rescued from Nisha's father in time by Nandini, who urges Nisha's father to spare Prabha as both of them love each other. The film ends with Prabha and Nandini getting married.

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The Story is about Vicky, an expert in gaming software, lives in Australia and never compromises in his life, a principle he adheres to since his childhood. He believes that one should be oneself in a relationship and one shouldn't change one's orientation for the sake of the partner. He also encourages his friends to follow his principle of life. But Vicky's principles and attitude leads to a clash of interests with his father, who constantly advises him to adjust his character for his and other's happiness but to no avail. Meanwhile in India, Vicky's parents arrange a wedding alliance between him and Priya, Vicky's childhood friend who is a doctor by profession. She and Vicky are poles apart; while Vicky is modern in his thinking and is not ready to compromise with his life, Priya is traditional and conservative and is ready to compromise for the happiness of others. Initially, Vicky and Priya do not get along well, and both play practical jokes on one another. But later, on her father's advice, Priya attempts to change her attitude towards Vicky. Soon Priya falls in love with Vicky and changes in many ways for him, such as giving up her love of classical dance as Vicky does not like it, eating non-vegetarian food and wearing modern dresses. Vicky too begins to fall in love with her and is ready to accept the wedding proposal until he finds out that Priya has compromised on her interests for his sake. He rejects the wedding proposal and returns to Australia. Back in Australia, Vicky is matched up through a Cadbury survey with Maggie, a free-spirited modern girl who shares his no-compromise attitude. Both of them meet at a mall and interested in each other, begin to date and soon decide to get married. However, Maggie's father is none other than the MindGames head's brother, who is unwilling to let Vicky marry Maggie. After much persuasion from Vicky, Maggie's father agrees to let Vicky marry Maggie on the condition that he should stay in his house for 4 days for Maggie's sister's wedding and if Vicky manages to win over at least 2 relatives of Maggie, he can marry her and he would get a business in India else he should forget Maggie and leave the contract. But Vicky changes the condition that if at least 1 relative of Maggie does not get convinced that Vicky is the correct match for Maggie then he would forget Maggie and leave the contract, else he would marry Maggie and does not leave the contract. Soon, the relatives begin pouring in from India and among them, to Vicky's shock, is Priya, who happens to be the groom's cousin. During the 4 days, with the help of Priya, he manages to win over the entire family. It is clear that Vicky is going to win Maggie's father's challenge. Priya leaves for India on the night before Vicky wins the challenge, heartbroken at the thought that Vicky is marrying someone else. Vicky receives a message Priya had recorded prior to him rejecting her on his mobile phone where she had declared her love for him. He gains a change of heart on seeing this message and realises how much Priya had loved him and was willing to change for him, in spite of his faults. He also realises the need for compromises in life. Vicky conveys his feelings to all the wedding guests present and decides not to marry Maggie. Maggie understands his feelings and accepts his decision. Vicky returns to India to win back Priya. After initially playing hard-to-get, Priya accepts Vicky's love and they live happily ever after.

Yamla Pagla Deewana 2-Watch Bollywood Movie Online

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 Direction: Sangeet Sivan Actors: Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Dharmendra, Anupam Kher Rating: * 1/2 At one point in Yamla Pagla Deewana 2, Paramveer, played by Sunny Deol, looks up at the skies and exclaims: Not fair Rabba. I felt exactly that after watching this incoherent mess of a movie. I’m not even going to attempt to recount the plot, because there isn’t any. The Deols — Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby — and director Sangeeth Sivan are attempting here to create an entertainer. Which means anything goes, including a blonde Anupam Kher in a space suit playing a mad villain called Dude; sumo wrestlers and an orangutan in a pivotal role. In case you are wondering about the humour, here are some samplers: Dude’s henchmen call themselves Hiroshima and Nagasaki. When Dude asks for an update, one says: Plan bomb ho gaya. Another time, when Dude asks, kitne aadmi thhe, they reply: Just one Singh. Get it? Even the collective charm of the Deols can’t make this drivel palatable. It’s exhausting, loud and so cheerfully moronic that it hurts.  

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Cast: Sonam Kapoor, Dhanush, Abhay Deol, Swara Bhaskar, Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub Director: Anand Rai A good way to measure the success of a love story is to ask yourself how much you want its protagonists to end up together. 'Raanjhanaa' is about a young Hindu boy in Benares and his unwavering love for a Muslim girl who doesn't see him as anything more than a friend. From the moment we're first introduced to them as children - him dressed as Shiva, her performing namaaz - it becomes clear there can be no love story here. Yet, Kundan (Dhanush) has been crazy about Zoya (Sonam Kapoor) ever since they were little. Convinced she'll change her mind, he pursues her relentlessly...throughout their school years, and well after she returns from Delhi on completing college, unaware that she's already in love with a boy she met on campus (Abhay Deol in a cameo). 'Tanu Weds Manu' director Anand Rai exploits the vibrancy of the holy city, and yet gives us a lived-in feel of Benares, rather than taking the typical travel-brochure approach. He banks as much on the unmistakable charm of his leading man to deliver a terrific first hour that breezes by with plenty comic moments and some genuinely heartfelt scenes. Kundan's obsessive pursuit of Zoya is nothing short of stalking. Equally disconcerting is the idea that the filmmakers would endorse slashing one's wrists as a way to profess love. Yet, truth is, these scenes don't necessarily ring untrue in the film's spot-on depiction of small-town India and its Bollywood-bred youth. The script unfortunately goes off the rails in the film's second half, when the story shifts to the JNU campus in Delhi, where our protagonists put romance on the backburner and busy themselves with active politics. Some interesting ideas, inspired by real-life current affairs, are explored here - the formation of a citizen's party, the clash between corruption and idealism, and the oppression of the rural class - but despite the filmmakers' best intentions, this track doesn't fit seamlessly into the larger narrative. If there's one reason 'Raanjhanaa' doesn't entirely disappoint in spite of its problems, it's Dhanush, who offers an uninhibited performance that's hard to take your eyes off. A National Award winning actor in Tamil cinema, Dhanush slips into the skin of Kundan and owns the part. He's complemented ably by Sonam Kapoor, who does some of her best work here, going smoothly from innocent to manipulative to cynical, without ever losing Zoya's inherent vulnerability. The film also benefits from two solid supporting players: Swara Bhaskar, superb as Kundan's childhood friend Bindiya, who pines for him unashamedly. And No One Killed Jessica's Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub as Kundan's best friend Murari, whose rat-a-tat lines provide some of the best laughs. For its immensely entertaining first half, a winning score by AR Rahman, but most of all for Dhanush, this is a film that's worth your time. I'm going with three out of five for Raanjhanaa. It's not perfect, but it'll do.