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Phir Ek Tahelka-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Online-Phir Ek Tahelka
Janki (Namitha) is in love with the simpleton Indra (Darshan) after meeting him a couple of times. But she soon realises that he is into crime. Is he really a criminal or does he have some reason for walking on this dangerous path? Experience the thrills with this action-packed film which will also make you swing to the tunes of its romantic songs!

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Phir Ek Toofan-Watch Movie Online

Watch move online-Phir Ek Toofan (2006)
Synopsis : Siddhu is a fun loving college student who is very attached to his sister and brother in law. In college he comes across a rich girl and after many comical interludes they get attracted to each other. But the girl has a disturbed family life as her father is a drunkard and a womanizer. The girl who has lost her mother gets closer to Siddhu .Meanwhile, Siddhu is also closer to his schoolteacher who faces some health problems and gets admitted to a Hospital. Siddhu faces a dilemma when the doctors in the hospital demand Rs. 3 lacs for an urgent operation to be conducted on his teacher. Siddhu faces a critical situation when he is not able to mobilize the funds required for his teacher's hospitalization. He is forced to take the help of an underworld don who entrusts him to deliver a suitcase to the neighboring state based don. But the suitcase goes missing in the train. The don kidnaps Siddhu's sister and brother-in-law and threatens to kill them till he finds the suitcase. Siddhu seeks the help of his arranges for the money by threatening her father at gunpoint. Finally the crisis is resolved and the lovers get united. The hero demonstrates his dynamism and courage and emerges victorious in the end.

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International Don-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Online-International Don (2005)
International Don At the age of 11 , Ram's family and Anjali's family members get killed by Anna (Ashish Vidyarthi). Ram's father is Prakash Raj , who is an ACP. Due to a conflict between Anna and Ram's father, he kills the complete family. In that tragic incident every one gets killed except Anjali(small girl by then), Ram and their uncle. Ram gets adopted into a different family and Anjali lives with her uncle. They both are not aware of the other's survival in that incident. How Ram and Anjali take revenge on Anna is the remaining Plot.
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Jung Ka Elaan-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch movie Online-Jung Ka Elaan (2006)
Ganesh alias Ishwar (Darshan) settled in Bangalore in a flashback scene remembers the bloodshed between two warring factions in his native town Mandya. Several deaths in the bloodshed, spoils the social atmosphere in Mandya. The police ask Ishwar to leave Mandya for some years. In the city he is eking out living as Ganesha with his own small condiment business. He is also a Good Samaritan in the city helping others in need. He teaches a lesson to Seena, a hardcore criminal's brother, when he eve teases his sister in the college. He takes good care of his brother and sister in the city. He is called by people in 'Mandya' as the situation is grim with disgruntled elements ruining the peace of the place. Back in Mandya, Ishwar takes up the cause of educating his people and liberating them from the slavery in the quarry business. However he has to fight the local goons to achieve his objective which forms the rest of the story.

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Thakur Bhavani Singh-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Online-Thakur Bhavani Singh
Vijay loves Meena, but Meena's brother Dharam Veer is against their relationship as they are of different castes. Dharam Veer insults and physically hurts Vijay's family. Thakur Bhavani Singh, Vijay's brother, is released from the jail for a murder that he was falsely accused of. He saves his family and vows to unite Vijay and Meena. Will he succeed?

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Shankar Ustaad-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Online-Shankar Ustaad (2007)
This is the story of Santhosha an innocent and hard working youngster whose aim is to earn money to secure a good medical treatment for his mentally challenged sisters. And he also loves the girl next door which creates problems for him. He is implicated in a false case and is booked by a crook in the garb of a policeman. Then he is troubled by a don. Santhosha is forced to take up arms and retaliate against the don. He is subsequently jailed where he takes an inevitable step to lead a rival underworld group. Meanwhile, a medical student loves him for his bravery and innocence. The Police commissioner advises Medical student to prevail upon Santha to surrender to the police. Finally, the film ends on a tragic note.

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Aaj Ki Dadagiri-Watch Movie online

Watch Movie Online-Aaj Ki Dadagiri
Once upon a time action films director Joe Simon has picked a story that is all about nexus between politicians and underworld dons. On the other hand youth power is focused by the director as the rulers of India tomorrow. The real life Member of Legislative Assembly B.C.Patil plays the underworld don and supporting actor Avinash is the politician. Krishne Gowda is the head of the youth wing. The politicians make use of underworld dons to remain in power for ever. When they are behind bars they do not care for their safety. That is opposed by the underworld dons in this film. Meanwhile the youth power wages war on both politicians and underworld dons. Who is the winner? How the crooked politician throw tantrum on his own daughter, underworld dons and mislead the youth power is the climax. The underworld dons reform in life and takes oath not to back the back biting politicians
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Ek Elaan E Jung-Watch Movie online

Watch Movie Online-Ek Elaan E Jung
Ek Elaan E Jung Synopsis : It's an action oriented movie in which, Sagar (Jagapathi Babu) is a fun loving guy falls for a beautiful Rajya Laxmi (Saakshi Sivanand). The family of Sagar meets the family of Rajya Laxmi to fix up the match to Sagar's sister too gets engaged to a guy. There is a parallel story running along with the Sagar's love story. Chepala Krishna (Tanikella Bharani) is a noted smuggler in Vizag. Chepala Nani (Ravi Teja) is his younger brother. Both of them rule the underworld in the city. Chepala Krishna has an ambition of a life time. He wants to become a politician. Krishnam Raju (Sivaji Raja) is the sub-inspector of police for that area. Then enters the scene, the C.I. of police Sri Hari (Sri Hari) He is the most dreaded among criminals and a very honest Police officer. With the help of Krishnam Raju he gets to know about all the criminals in that area and Chepala Krishna tops the most wanted criminals list. When Chepala Krishna is about to file his nominations for the post of an MLA, he gets arrested by Sri Hari. Rest of the story is about how Sagar, with Sri Hari defeats the intentions of Chepala nani and other underworld elements.

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Karamyodha-watch Movie online

Watch Movie Online-Karamyodha
Synopsis-EK AUR KARMYODHA ' is one such film which is with main focus on violence with sentimental aspects thrown in here and there. EK AUR KARMYODHA director Shriram has worked hard to write a good story for the film and he has executed the climax sequence very well.. Agni is better in the second half, but is Varsha, the heroine of the film has already made a name in her debut film .

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Kranti Power Of Unity-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Online-Kranti Power Of Unity (2008)
Kranti Power Of Unity Synopsis : This film opens with three of the four protagonists Sebastian, Shafeeq and Iyer getting out of jail after serving three years for the crimes committed in the first part of the trilogy. The fourth one played by Bharath is supposedly killed by the police in their earlier encounter. This time, each of the close members associated with them urge the trio, to play safe by evading the violent methods that they had taken earlier. They continue with their studies, but can't keep quiet for long from fighting the necessary evils that they find everyday, around their society. Finally they reinvent themselves, by killing the state minister who sold much of the state to international mafia. Now termed 'Of The People', they venture into the jungle area and model themselves on their hero the legendary Che Guevara. They set up an interactive website, taking complaints from common folks and exterminating the criminals wearing the Guevara type dress code. The chief minister of the state, under huge political pressures, appoints an officer Harishankar, to grab the trio but in a short time realizes that the common man is always on the side of 'the gang'. He being the righteous guy, changes side, operating as a person from the force for 'of the People', who let them know about the possible evil doers inside the government machinery and the initiatives of the government to capture them.

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Yudhveer-Watch Movie online-HD

Watch Movie online-Yudhveer
Synopsis-Yudhveer in this movie sudeep loves the girl but she is scared to confess since her parents wont agree.A complete action masala flix with lots of twist and turns and ultimately they get married.

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Zakhmi Aurat-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Online-Zakhmi Aurat
This story rotates around Inspector Jhansi, a courageous lady who fearlessly imprisons the criminals and makes sure that they are punished. Her journey is not so smooth. She even gets suspended for her fearless work. Will, Jhansi accept the defeat so easily?
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Sabse Bada Mawali-watch Movie Online

Watch Movie Online-Sabse Bada Mawali (2009)
Sabse Bada Mawali is the Hindi dubbed version of Kannada movie Gooli starring Sudeep, Mamta Mohandas, Kishore, Bhavya and Sathyaraj. Sabse Bada Mawali is the story of Gooli (Sudeep), a fearless and aggressive goon. A person good at heart, he helps people in distress. Ramya (Mamta Mohandas) is the apple of everyone's eye at her home. Situations make Gooli and Ramya meet and even after he speaks rudely to her, she falls in love with him. She is hurt when he rejects her. But soon he realizes that she is the only one who has brought some positivity in his life. Now he goes to her house to propose marriage. After much contemplation her family agrees. But on the day of the marriage an unfortunate incident turns their lives upside down. Watch this film for the superb story!

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Karan Poojari-Watch movie online

Watch Movie online-Karan Poojari
Synopsis-This story rotates around Karan Poojari's fight for justice. It is a painful tale explaining Karan's journey from innocence to crime.Karan Poojari is a tough man who proves to be a disaster for criminals. A director plans to capture Poojari's story in a film. Initially he is shown to be very calm, non - violent and intelligent man with complete family responsibility. His father expires and the whole responsibility falls on him. Poojari and his family suffer a lot because of Balram - the actual villain; who ruins the whole life of Poojari and his family. Watch themovie to know how Poojari takes the revenge?
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Ek Villain - Hindi Full Movie 2014(HD)

Ek Villain - Hindi Full Movie 2014
Ek Villain is a 2014 Indian actionfilm directed by Mohit Suri. The film stars Sidharth Malhotra, Riteish Deshmukh and Shraddha Kapoor in lead roles.
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Cooli The Real Baazigar-Watch Movie online

Watch Movie Online-Cooli The Real Baazigar
Cooli The Real Baazigar Synopsis : K. Subhash Chandra Bose (Chiranjeevi) works as a helper at the local market. One day news comes that the market will be relocated, as a mall will be built there. The shop-owners, led by Bose, oppose this decision. The CM supports them and even offers Bose to enter politics. Bose, now, takes charge of a special branch of commandos and destroys illegal operations run by Aatmaram (Sharad Saxena), a corrupt politician. In retaliation Aatmaram has Bose's sister falsely implicated in a prostitution case, after which she commits suicide. Bose resigns from his position and takes revenge on Aatmaram.
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Dharam Veer-Watch Movie Online

Watch Movie online-Dharam Veer
Dharma Veer is the story of that two friends who's main aim is to bring happiness, progress , educated unemployment n provide with the basic necessities in the village. Their friendship was considered as the history in the world. Dharam is the son of a rickshaw driver whereas Veer is the son of a very big landlord. Since childhood they both have studied and played together in one incident Dharam's dad is murdered though cruel babu Sahib. While he was in his last stage he puts his wish in front of Dharam that he should become a big officer and fight for the right of poor and backward class people. Dharam wanted to fulfill his dads wish so for that he was preparing himself for I.A.S exam and with it he used to also drive rickshaw. There Veer fights with babu Sahib because he was to be blamed for killing Dharam's dad and puts him in the jail. Seeing this Veer's dad Surendra Singh is so upset that he tells Veer to choose between the two either friendship with Dharam or his palace. Veer leaves his palace because of his friendship with Dharam and drives rickshaw with Dharam. His thinking is that no work is small if it is done with honesty and hardwork. Seeing his thoughts many people in the village come with him. With the help of Dharam Veer many villagers get into railway exam, n some wok hard get ready to go into police force. Now Dharam Veer's team gets stronger. Now they try to get education, hospitals and various other needs in the village. With that only he goes against and fights for corruption done by the higher society. During this they become enemy of the leader of that region Jagdamba Singh. Jagdamba's terror is wide spread. His men every now and then do robbery, rapes and all the non happenings. Dharam Veer would give them a tough fight to all their sins. And now Jagdamba tries hard to kill Dharam Veer. There comes a girl named Shraddha in Dharam Veer life from Mahanagar village. They go through such a situation where they both start loving Shraddha. And when they come to know then the two best friends friendship turns into enemy. Now Dharam Veer's team break Veer shakes hand with Jagdamba and then starts Dharam's true exam. Will Dharam fulfill his dads wish n become a big officer from a normal rickshaw driver? From dharam --veer who will get Shraddha's love? Will dharam succeed in fighting against the terror of Jagdamba? What will happen to Dharam-Veer's rivalry? To know more about this watch the movie-Dharam Veer

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Bitwa Bahubali-Watch Movie online

Watch Movie online-Bitwa Bahubali
Arjun singh was a sweet, simple and innocent villager who loves the villager's sarpanch's daughter. His dad Satyaprakash (Pramod Moutho) was a man with principles. He becomes a rival of Bahubali Banupratap Singh (Tinu Verma) because of Bhanupratap he had become an eye witness for killing a judge. Satyaprakash was not scared of Bhanupratap so Bhanupratap killed his elder son Vijay and he insults Satyaprakash and then Satyaprakash sends his second son Arjun to kill Bhanupratap and send Bahubali to kill Bahubaliya from the society. And in this way Arjun stands in front of Bhanupratap -Does Arjun thakur give challenge to bhanupratap? -Does bhanupratap gets scared of arjun? -Does Satyaprakash succeed in the aim of turning arjun into bhubali? To know more watch together with family, Healthy entertaining dangerous action and melodious song film "BETWA BAHUBSLI"
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Yuddh-Watch Movie Online

Watch Movie Online-Yuddh
Synopsis : Satya wants love to be won by love. Such a peace loving policy of Sathya disintegrates when he comes looking for his lady-love, Veda in town of Kurnool which is dominated by Ranga Reddy who is armed with weapons, and bombs. Moreover, Veda happens to be the daughter of Ranga Reddy, the local goon. How effortlessly Sathya liquidates the gang of Ranga Reddy and wins the love of Veda form the rest of the story.

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Takkar-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Online-Takkar
Takkar This story revolves around Raja's struggle to unravel the truth behind his father's death. An interesting character, Vikram keeps you captivated all throughout the story. Who has killed Raja's father. Will Raja ever be able to expose the truth?

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Mr Hindustani-Watch Movie Online

Watch Movie Online-Mr Hindustani (2003)
Synopsis-A total action and adventurous movie where Narayanan (Sayaji Shinde), a politician kills the existing Chief Minister and take over the position. Raghavachari (Krishna) shoots the execution in a VCD and enters Sudesi (Vijayakanth) with the CD and black mails Narayanan that shows how he killed the ex-Chief Minister.
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Dadagiri Nahi Chalegi-Watch movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Online-Dadagiri Nahi Chalegi (2009)
YEH DADAGIRI NAHI CHALEGI is a thriller movie. district collector, a judge, and a police official are all kidnapped in broad daylight, the kidnapper cocking-a-snook at the establishment, calling himself 'Citizen' and appearing in different disguises to get at his targets. C.B.I. officer Sarojini (Nagma) finally traces the common factor among the kidnapped trio to Athippatti, a small hamlet consisting of fishermen. But to her surprise both the village and its 690 odd inhabitants seemed to have

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Sipahi-Watch Movie Online

Watch Movie Online-Sipahi(2009)
Synopsis-A patriotic journey of Vijay (Sumanth) who swears to teach the local politicians a lesson for using the locals to their advantage. It is his journey for bringing the truth out to the innocent citizens.

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Ek Aur Vijaypath-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Online-Ek Aur Vijaypath (2009)
Ek Aur Vijaypath It is an overall Action film. this film is based on Murali who is in love with seeta and due to some family problem he leaves to city to earn some money. for more action watch the movie

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Return of Kartoos-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Online-Return of Kartoos
Jagan Naidu (Narendra Naidu) is an enterprising, US-returned, semiformal- clad, not-properly-shaven dude. He saves a woman journo, Lekha, from being manhandled by the CM's henchmen. Since this is no mean task - he fights half of them without his sunglasses and makes Rahul Dev seem like an Oscarwinner - the boss of her TV channel sees CM material in this boy. He appeals to him to lead his crusade against the evil CM, Chandrasekhar Reddy (Ashish Vidyarthi), and tells him that he has a file detailing his atrocities. Jagan is impressed with the idea. But he also has to keep sneaking off to meet this girl (Sunaina Fernandez) who is always accompanied by some mean-looking thugs. When this girl confesses that she's the CM's daughter, and that they're all her bodyguards, Jagan is not one bit intimidated. This is because he has been trained by the US Special Force. Seriously. We'll excuse you while you puke. Chandrasekhar Reddy makes use of the services of an influential goon, Goud (Pradeep Rawat), to get hold of the bothersome file, but with no success. Meanwhile, the anti-CM party is gaining momentum, with people from all over ready to plunge in - labour union leaders, real estate dealers, Mahila Mandal leaderesses, minority leaders, hospital owners etc. Jagan starts feeding the poor everyday (on his porch), and spouts forth his noble ideas on how he will uplift the downtrodden, improve literacy, build houses for the poor, and ensure affordable medical care, and find time to become Vishnu's 11th avatar. Predictably, in the 2009 elections, Jagan becomes CM and gets his girl, too, and they both happily go speed-boating on the Hussain Sagar.

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Prince-Watch bollywood Movie(HD)

Watch Movie Online-Prince (1969)
Synopsis : Rajkumar Shamsher Singh is the only son of the local Maharaja, and has been brought up as a brat, and now he is an irresponsible, alcoholic, and womanizing adult, who wants everyone to bow down before him and his princely rank. One priest refuses to do so, and Shamsher pummels him mercilessly, in vain though. Frustrated, he asks the priest what he should with his mundane life, and the priest tells him that he should repent, sacrifice all his palatial pleasures, and live the life of a simple and ordinary man, and hence learn the true meaning of life, for at least six months. Shamsher agrees to do so, and arranges an accident with his car, which crashes down a mountain, explodes and is blown to smithereens. Everyone in the palace believe that Shamsher is dead. He goes to a nearby village, and a blind woman there mistakes him for her long-lost son and starts calling him Sajjan Singh. Shamsher decides to play along as Sajjan, and lives with her. Two corrupt palace officials spot Sajjan, and notice his similarity to Shamsher, and conspire with him to pose as Shamsher for a hefty sum of money, to which Sajjan agrees. When he accompanies the officials back to the palace, he is shocked to find that his father has re-married a much younger woman, Ratna, and shortly after marrying her, has passed away, leaving the palace and it's management to her and her greedy brother. Shamsher decides to reveal his true identity, but the officials threaten to expose him to his new-found blind mother, and Shamsher knows that he is trapped in the body of Sajjan Singh, force to pose as none other than himself.
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Andolan-Ek Violence Story-Watch Movie Online(HD)

Watch Movie Online-Andolan : Ek Violence Story
Synopsis-The story of Samrajyam deals with the opinion differences between brothers. Both fight for authority and supremacy. Srihari and Suman play the roles of two brothers in disgreement. In their fury and aggression to win, both cause trouble and damage to each other. Their characters and personalities go through continuous changes in each step of their eventful lives. The changes are brought about by their own experiences. Do they learn the lessons at the end is told in the enthralling, action-filled screenplay. Sentiment, romance and comedy finds a place in the riveting theme. But above all, action finds a predominant role in the film. "It is a mass film with generous touches of novelty," says the film's hero Srihari who has plays his trademark fiery action hero role in Samrajyam. Malavika's role will have a special significance.

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Chutki Bhar Senur-Watch Bollywood Movie Online(HD)

Watch Movie Online-Chutki Bhar Senur
Chutki Bhar Senur is a Superhit Bhojpuri Movie. It focuses on the practice of dowry and how a father resorts to robbery to make her daughter's life happy. Starring Nazir Husain, Kunal, Raza Murad, Heena Kausar, Leela Misra

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Pratigya-Watch Movie Online

Watch Movie Online-Pratigya
There were two brothers Harnam Singh(Kunal Singh)and Bhairav Singh (Avdhesh Mishra)who used to love each other endlessly-but greediness and hatred changes everything. Suddenly one day Bhairav Singh puts the blame on Harnam Singh's pregnant wife Madhvi that she is characterless so that he alone becomes the owner of the property. According to the plan, Bhairav make Harnam marry another person. There Madhvi bears all the pain and gives birth to Suraj (Dinesh Laal Yadav"Nirhua").Here Harnam's second wife Saarangi gives birth to Pawan (Pawan Singh). When Suraj grows big --on listening to the violence done with his mother he decides that he will vanish all the blame put on his mother.and he goes to Harnam Singh to take the revenge for the violence done to his mother. There Suraj meets Harnam Singh and his step brother Pawan Singh and he also meets Bhairav Singh and his three sons Abhay , Nirbhay and Durjan. -will Suraj alone handle these people? -will he be successful in claiming the plans in which his mother was targeted ? -will Suraj vanish of the blames put on his mother ?which he had promised? Hit songs ,entertaining ,suspense,interesting,full of action film which will shake you -PRATIGYA

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Payback-Watch bollywood Movie Online(HD)

Watch Movie Online-Payback (2010)
Every person is born with a debt and he dies with a debt too. In between birth and death, a good man strives to repay every debt and every favor bestowed upon him by others. KUNAL SAHAY also did the same but he didn't know that his efforts of repaying a debt would bring such a storm in his life. Kunal He is a simple, peace loving man. Kunal love's ISHITA. She is an independent girl in her mid 21s who works as freelance interior designer. One night, when Kunal meets with a fatal accident. While he lies in a pool of blood, no passerby cares to stop and look after him. Kunal, still conscious, is losing hope when RAGHU, stops to help him. Raghu admits Kunal into a hospital and disappears into thin air. Doctor tells Kunal that if Raghu hadn't admitted Kunal on time, anything could've happened. For Kunal, Raghu is an angel. Three months pass as Kunal recuperates from the injuries. Suddenly one day Outside of Kunal's building kunal meet to RAGHU, Kunal offer's tea for Raghu. Then next night, when Raghu appears at Kunal's doorstep with a bullet shot in his shoulder, Kunal impulsively decides to help him out. But as night progresses, Kunal comes to know that Raghu might have been a savior for him but is actually an assassin. Now he faces a moral dilemma. But when things get dangerous and Ishita is also dragged into it, Kunal is forced to make a decision -- how far he will go to repay Raghu's debt? If he can save life of only one person, which one will he choose -- Raghu or Ishita? It's a pacy action thriller unfolding in one night with multiple layers of troubled love, loyalty, betrayal, indebtedness and above all... making choices.

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Rangbaaz Daroga-Watch Movie Online

Watch Movie Online-Rangbaaz Daroga
Arjun pandey was city's most strict, honest and dabang inspector. listening to his name big time criminals would start shivering .one day arjun arrested ranjit yadavs men who was a leader, he thus gets pissed and transfers the inspector to a very dirty village named sharafat gang arjun along with wife aanchal reaches sharafat ganj ,sharafat ganj is that place where there is nothing like honesty(sharafat).wherein each and every person claimed gundagardi as their "birthright". In that situation arjun finds a friend in a person named jaffar, who is the only honest person in sharafat ganj. On the other hand in the whole sharafat ganj there is a terror with a name of dhanraj Singh and his father kamraj singh. When inspector arjun singh starts interfering in dhanraj's black business he goes crazy with anger.he thus keeps finding an opportunity to teach arjun a lesson . Sharafat ganj's spoilt boy crashes with arjun one day .before arjun could arrest vijay and put him behind bars .vijay's sister seema comes and tells arjun that" in childhood he lost his parents and fell into bad company , but is good at heart ". Arjun understands the situation and decides to get vijay on the right track. Vijay loves a girl named guddi, but guddi's father says that until and unless vijay dos not improve they cannot get married. Arjun explains vijay and sends him to the city for education. On the other hand arjun destroys dhanraj's black business. Dhanraj gets angry and through a plan removes him from his job. Arjun takes his pregnant wife to the hospital and on his way dhanraj's men catch hold of him and kill his wife. Now Arjun turns into a bad man and Vijay returns back being an inspector. So what's the end of the story....?
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Tezaab-Watch Movie Online(HD)

Watch Movie Online-Tezaab
This is a story about a villager named Ram (pankal kesri), he is out ht ewhole day having fun with his friends, Ram falls in love with a girl from a village named Radha (anara gupta), But radha is least interested... in that village there was a leader kali yadav(hari lal yadav) whose younger brother chotu (sachin kumar) who had a bad vision on radha. One day chotu finds radha alone and tries to rape her, but at the last moment ram comes and fights with chotu and saves radha from him. And after this incident ram and radha fall in love with each other. Chotu goes through great stress and then he takes radha and rapes her. In front of ram kali yadav murders radha he puts the blame of murder on ram. Ram to prove that it was not his mistake comes out of the jail. Ram's case is handed over to inspector pooja. There ram meets his journalist friend ravi (Rani chaterjee) and asks her for help... What happens next? -Does rani help ram? -Does inspector pooja catch ram? -Does ram punishes chotu for his mistake? -Does kali yadav help his younger brother from ram? To know more see "TEZZAB"

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Shiv Senapati - The Warrior-Watch Movie Online(HD)

Watch Movie Online-Shiv Senapati - The Warrior
Super hit movie Shiv Senapati - The Warrior (2010) (Tamil Hindi Dub) Synopsis: Emperor Khan has set his eyes to conquer a small village and sends his army to ravage the people. Netaji Palkar, Commander-in-chief of Maratha Emperor Shivaji jumps into action and save the village from destruction. But things take a violent turn when Emperor Khan unleashes vicious plans to destroy Netaji and the village he protects. How will Netaji vanquish his foes and rise to supremacy?

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Chhete Ka Badala-Watch Movie Online(HD)

Watchj Movie Online-Chhete Ka Badala
Chhete Ka Badala : A brother and sister duo must seek revenge after their family is butchered by the local army of Thai kickboxers. As usually happens, however, the two are not strong enough to take on an entire army on their own, so they enlist the help of their enigmatic Uncle. He introduces them to Tiger, a high-kicking chop socky afficionado who once promised his sweet old mother that he would never fight again. But Tiger is sweet on the comely sister, so it may be only a matter of time before he agrees to help - after which much kicking, punching, crushing of bones and other usual martial arts hijinks begin in earnest

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Moonlight Sword And Jade Union-Watch Movie Online(HD)

Watch Movie Online-Moonlight Sword And Jade Union
Moonlight Sword And Jade Union is a Taiwan Martial Arts movie starring Mao Yin, Wong Do, So Chan Ping, Lung Kwan Yee, Man Kwong Lung, Kwong Ming and Tong Lik. Feisty ace martial artist Chu Siew Yen promises her teacher that she will find his missing brother. During her search Chu also tries to discover the identity of the person who killed her parents. Of course, accomplishing said tasks proves easier said than done as Chu faces opposition from many people she encounters on the way to uncovering the truth.

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Karmayogi-Watch Bollywood Movie Online

Watch Movie Online-Karmayogi (1978)
Shankar (Raaj Kumar) lives in a small village with his son, Mohan, and his devout wife, Durga (Mala Sinha), who is expecting another child soon. Shankar believes in living for the moment without worrying about consequences, while Durga believes that present actions will come back to haunt later in life, and this causes a rift between them. One day Shankar decides to leave and takes Mohan with him, leaving a pregnant Durga alone. Shankar and Mohan take to crime in the big city, and make immense wealth. Meanwhile, Durga gives birth to a boy, Ajay, and is looked after by a Catholic priest. Many years later, Mohan and Shankar have become master minds in operating a crime syndicate, partnering with Keshavlal, a notorious gangster. Ajay (Jeetendra) operates a publication called Karmayogi, in which he does and expose on crimes and criminals like Keshavlal. Soon Shankar is betrayed by his crime syndicate and is sentenced to death and Mohan is arrested for murdering Keshavlal. What cruel games will be played to put an end to Mohan? Will Ajay and Durga accept Mohan or will Mohan succumb to his sins?
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Inquilaab-Watch Bollywood Movie Online(HD)

Watch Movie Online-Inquilaab
Super Hit action drama Inquilaab (1984) Synopsis: Amar Nath makes a living selling cinema tickets and fast food snacks outside cinema halls. He is taken under the wing of politician and chairman of "Garchen ki Party" Shankar Narayan, and is made to join the police. He falls in love with Sitaram's daughter Asha. The story revolves around Amar and how he fights evil.

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Sapoot-Watch Bollywood movie Online(HD)

Watch Movie Online-Sapoot (1996)
Super Hit Action Movie Sapoot (1996), a crime saga starring Sunil Shetty, Akshay Kumar, Karishma Kapoor, Sonali Bendre, Kadar Khan. Music Director : Anu Malik, Director: Jagdish Sharma Synopsis: Notorious smuggler and gangster named Singhania creates problems in Bombay for the other hardcore criminals especially Dhaneshwar. Along with the help of the police Singhania gets Dhaneshwar implicated for foreign diamonds stolen. Dhaneshwar, after his release form jail, along with the help of Tejeshwar, a stern and prestigious man who is known to build his muscles by having a tug of war with horses entraps Singhania and gets him killed with the help of law enforcement officers and a crunch that will affect his loved ones forever.

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Mulzim-Watch Bollywood Movie Online(HD)

Watch Movie Online-Mulzim
Super Hit Action movie Mulzim (1988) Synopsis: Vijay Kumar is an young man living in a small town in rural India, who makes his living farming. He hopes to change his lifestyle and that of the townspeople by building a hospital with the help of attractive young doctor Rekha, who he is in love with, so much so that he is willing to donate his land. Rekha suggests that he approach the District Collector to get permission to build a hospital at another vacant spot, which he does. The Collector assures them that necessary approval will be granted. But the local Zamindar of the region, Ranjit Kumar, has other plans of his own, as he intends to build a Cinema House in his lovers (Sheela) name. When he faces opposition, he quietly backs away, and lets Rekha, Vijay and the people lay the foundation of the hospital. Thereafter chaos breaks out in Vijay's life, as he is arrested by the police for killing Sheela. Vijay is tried in Court, and sentenced to life in prison. Vijay manages to escape so that he can find the real culprits and clear his name, but before he can do that he has to by-pass Jailer Shardadevi and Police Inspector Neeraj Kumar - both of whom have sworn to have him back behind bars in a short a time as possible.
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Aakhri Adalat-Watch Bollywood Movie Online

Watch Movie Online-Aakhri Adalat
Synopsis: The Police Commissioner and the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) have been reviewing the recent wrong actions of Inspector Amar Kaushal, and both decide that it will be in the best interests of Bombay Police Force that he not be assigned any more cases. They assign him to do a desk job, and even provide him with an assistant in the shape and form of Sub-Inspector Rima Kapoor. Amar and Rima get attracted to each other, and Amar introduces Rima to his mom, so that they can set marriage plans. Before that happens, Rima happens to go into Amar's closet, where she finds a helmet and a jacket that is worn by a vigilante who has been responsible for several deaths in the city.

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Satyamev Jayate-Watch Bollywood Movie Online(HD)

Watch Movie Online-Satyamev Jayate (1987)
Inspector Arjun Singh, Vinod Khanna of Bombay Police has attained a sordid reputation of being of the most ruthless policemen in India and is known for his torture and brutality. When a young man is killed in custody Arjun is spoken to and warned and subsequently transferred to a small town of Tehsil. Arjun denies these charges and asserts in vain that the death was not his fault. Arjun re locates there and finds to his horror that the family of the young man who died in his care are his neighbors and that this town regards him as enemy number one. Arjun must now come to terms with his past and compromise in this town and find out what were the circumstances behind this young mans death or just get another transfer. However he is abandoned by his lover Vidya Anita Raj and a determined Pooja Madhvi is doing all she can to bring justice to her brothers murder. Arjun finds solace in alcoholism and a prostitute Seema Meenaskhi Sheshadri.

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Yaar Gaddar-Watch Bollywood Movie Online

Watch Movie Online-Yaar Gaddar
Synopsis : Inspector Shanker Verma is an honest and dedicated Police Inspector, who has been serving on the police force for many years. He lives with his mom, and a brother, Jai. Shankar was in love with Shashi, but the affair did not last, leaving him with a broken heart. Jai, on the other hand, is percocious, and always in trouble. This precociousness lands him in a soup when he is unable to explain as to why he robbed a bank and a killed a person.

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Ghulami-Watch Bollywood Movie Online

Watch Movie Online-Ghulami
Ghulami is a 1985 Hindi-language Indian feature film directed by J.P. Dutta. The film has an ensemble cast comprising Dharmendra, Mithun Chakraborty, Mazhar Khan, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Raza Murad, Smita Patil, Reena Roy, Anita Raj, Naseeruddin Shah and Om Shivpuri. Amitabh Bachchan provides the narration. The movie features the song "Zehale Muskin" Ghulami has music and lyrics are by Laxmikant Pyarelal and Gulzar respectively. The film focuses on the caste and feudal system in Rajasthan and a rebellion started by the Jats under Ranjit Singh Choudhary (Dharmendra), against the Thakur landlords. And it was based on a real story of a school master Ranjit Singh Choudhary.
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Kalicharan-Watch Bollywood Movie Online

Watch Movie Online-Kalicharan (1976)
Synopsis: The movie starts with Din Dayal (Ajit) who is supposedly an honest rich man and a clean-hearted guy. However all this is a facade as he is a terror called LION in the world of crime. He is the man under whom black-marketing, smuggling and robberies flourish. No-one has an idea about his evil deeds. Not even his close friend IG P.N. Khanna (Prem Nath).Khanna is very worried at the sorry state of affairs in the city and state. He requests the government to bring back Inspector Prabhakar (Shatrughan Sinha) to the city as he is an honest and fearless cop. Prabhakar comes to town and starts cracking on the criminals with an iron hand. Prabhakar is a widower who has 2 small children. Besides them IG Khanna loves him like his own son and treats the children as his grandchildren. After making substantial raids Prabhakar comes to know that Din Dayal is a corrupt man and a demon for the society. He plans to spill the beans in front of everyone but is killed by Din dayal's men.

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Jayate-Watch Movie Online

Watch Movie Online-Jayate (1998)
Jayate is a Bollywood Movie, starring Sachin Khedekar, Shilpa Shirodkar & Abhay Bhargav. Advocate Mohan is an alcoholic and a loner spending his day getting affidavits stamped and signed. Mohan accepts a case of medical malpractice against two doctors affiliated with Sanjivani Hospital whose alleged negligence put a young widow, Aarti Mehta, in a state of acute coma. The hospital is willing to make a settlement, but Mohan refuses and decides to try his luck in court. Mohan is soon entangled in a web of greed and corruption that drives him into despair and turns his life upside down. Can justice prevail amidst dirty money and wicked power? Click to watch more full length movies, songs and trailers.
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Yaarana-Watch Bollywood movie online

Watch Movie online-Yaarana
Yaarana is a 1981 Indian film directed by Rakesh Kumar and starring Amitabh Bachchan, Amjad Khan, Neetu Singh, Tanuja and Kader Khan.
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Kartavya-Watch Bollywood Movie Online(HD)

Watch Movie Online-Kartavya
Super action movie Kartavya (1979) Synopsis: Kartavya revolves around the life of Vijay, a dutiful employee with the Forest Services, whose job it is to protect and preserve wildlife and the forest cover from all forces.
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