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Watch Full Hindi Movie-PK-Amir Khan

Watch Full Hindi Movie-PK-Amir Khan
A stranger's childlike curiosity and world-view challenges people's long-held notions, making friends of some and foes of others

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What The Fish-Full Hindi Movie

Watch Now-What The Fish (2014)
What The Fish 2014 Full Hindi Movie Comedy 2014 What The Fish 2014 Full Hindi Movie Comedy 2014 What The Fish 2014 Full Hindi Movie Comedy 2014 What The Fish 2014 Full Hindi Movie Comedy 2014 What The Fish 2014 Full Hindi Movie Comedy 2014 What The Fish 2014 Full Hindi Movie Comedy 2014
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Hate Story 2-Full Hindi Movie-HD

Hate Story 2-Full Hindi Movie-HD 
A photographer takes revenge on a corrupt and criminal politician who forcefully abused her
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Grand Masti-Hindi Movie(HD)

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Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania-Watch full Hindi Movie-HD

Watch Now-Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania
Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania is a 2014 Hindi romantic comedy film, directed by Shashank Khaitan and produced by Karan Johar. The film features Varun Dhawan as Humpty Sharma and Alia Bhatt as Kavya Pratap Singh in the lead roles.__________________________________­______­____Hindi
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Ek Aur Aatankh-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Online-Ek Aur Aatankh
Somasekhara (Auditya) is a bright student. In the Kabbada match of his National college and RV College he is unnecessarily provoked. To avenge the insult he bashes up one person black and blue. After that he has no room for family life. A series of incidents pour in his kitty and all of them he handles with guts and daggers. He lives in a far of place from his parents with wife Jyothi (Rakshita). One of the vital attacks he makes gives him the adage of 'Deadly'
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B.A.Pass- Full Hindi Movie

Watch Now-B.A.Pass 
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Biwi Aur Saali-Hindi Hot Movie-HD

Watch Movie Now-Biwi Aur Saali
Enjoy Biwi Aur Sali - hindi movies 2014 Full Movie, Bollywood Movies 2014 Full Movies Online Starring Devan, Bhaskar, Vinod, Gandhi, Pratap Chandran, Maria, Sajani, Heera & others. For Latest Hindi Movies, Timeless Songs & Full Movies of Your Favorite Superstars
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Nasha-Watch Bollywood Movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Now-Nasha 
Nasha Cast: Poonam Pandey, Shivam, Ranbir Chakma Direction: Amit Saxena Read more at: Poonam Pandey's Nasha is a cheap and forgettable film, despite all the loud claims she made on Twitter. The storyline is weak and the acting is pathetic. Nasha is such a bad film that it needs to be ranked 'Minus Zero'. This is because some see a wee bit of positivity in a zero too. Therefore to dispel any such remote notions, it's a Minus Zero. It is the story of a school in Panchgani where the students are loud, shameless and boisterous. They do not mind sharing cheap jokes and making adult comments. Poonam Pandey's entry in this school as a theatre teacher is all that was needed! A boy called Sahil falls for her and then comes her boyfriend Samuel who, much to the chagrin of Poonam, begins to trouble Sahil. Samuel is actually the story's villain who breaks Poonam's heart as she discovers his other affair and his bad habits (he is caught in a rave party!) Sahil comes to support his heart-broken Ma'am. But this moralistic teacher says she must go away as this relationship is immoral - but not before she has a steamy sex session with her student! Poonam Pandey is a disaster in the name of acting. Her husky voice sounds terrible on screen. Her acting in the film is so pathetic that when she was shouting, people in the cinema hall were laughing! This 'upright' teacher teaches the most immoral lesson of love - "Love is like summer vacations, it gives different type of pleasure every year," says Poonam and the crowd hails it with a loud applause! The screenplay is cliched and the songs are mediocre. Amit Saxena has failed miserably as a director. His Jism was classy because it had the Bhatt camp background, but Nasha is nothing but P-grade (Poonam Grade). Sahil is average, his Ma'am is horrible and Samuel is good. Camera work is average and editing is quite poor. Those who want to go to theatres in hope of watching bold scenes will be in for disappointment because everything bold has been shown in the promos. This film has exposed the 'acting' skills of Poonam Pandey and I am sure any sensible film maker will think twice before signing her. It is a cheap and dangerous Nasha that should be avoided at all costs! 

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Phir Ek Tahelka-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Online-Phir Ek Tahelka
Janki (Namitha) is in love with the simpleton Indra (Darshan) after meeting him a couple of times. But she soon realises that he is into crime. Is he really a criminal or does he have some reason for walking on this dangerous path? Experience the thrills with this action-packed film which will also make you swing to the tunes of its romantic songs!

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Phir Ek Toofan-Watch Movie Online

Watch move online-Phir Ek Toofan (2006)
Synopsis : Siddhu is a fun loving college student who is very attached to his sister and brother in law. In college he comes across a rich girl and after many comical interludes they get attracted to each other. But the girl has a disturbed family life as her father is a drunkard and a womanizer. The girl who has lost her mother gets closer to Siddhu .Meanwhile, Siddhu is also closer to his schoolteacher who faces some health problems and gets admitted to a Hospital. Siddhu faces a dilemma when the doctors in the hospital demand Rs. 3 lacs for an urgent operation to be conducted on his teacher. Siddhu faces a critical situation when he is not able to mobilize the funds required for his teacher's hospitalization. He is forced to take the help of an underworld don who entrusts him to deliver a suitcase to the neighboring state based don. But the suitcase goes missing in the train. The don kidnaps Siddhu's sister and brother-in-law and threatens to kill them till he finds the suitcase. Siddhu seeks the help of his arranges for the money by threatening her father at gunpoint. Finally the crisis is resolved and the lovers get united. The hero demonstrates his dynamism and courage and emerges victorious in the end.

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International Don-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Online-International Don (2005)
International Don At the age of 11 , Ram's family and Anjali's family members get killed by Anna (Ashish Vidyarthi). Ram's father is Prakash Raj , who is an ACP. Due to a conflict between Anna and Ram's father, he kills the complete family. In that tragic incident every one gets killed except Anjali(small girl by then), Ram and their uncle. Ram gets adopted into a different family and Anjali lives with her uncle. They both are not aware of the other's survival in that incident. How Ram and Anjali take revenge on Anna is the remaining Plot.
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Jung Ka Elaan-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch movie Online-Jung Ka Elaan (2006)
Ganesh alias Ishwar (Darshan) settled in Bangalore in a flashback scene remembers the bloodshed between two warring factions in his native town Mandya. Several deaths in the bloodshed, spoils the social atmosphere in Mandya. The police ask Ishwar to leave Mandya for some years. In the city he is eking out living as Ganesha with his own small condiment business. He is also a Good Samaritan in the city helping others in need. He teaches a lesson to Seena, a hardcore criminal's brother, when he eve teases his sister in the college. He takes good care of his brother and sister in the city. He is called by people in 'Mandya' as the situation is grim with disgruntled elements ruining the peace of the place. Back in Mandya, Ishwar takes up the cause of educating his people and liberating them from the slavery in the quarry business. However he has to fight the local goons to achieve his objective which forms the rest of the story.

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Thakur Bhavani Singh-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Online-Thakur Bhavani Singh
Vijay loves Meena, but Meena's brother Dharam Veer is against their relationship as they are of different castes. Dharam Veer insults and physically hurts Vijay's family. Thakur Bhavani Singh, Vijay's brother, is released from the jail for a murder that he was falsely accused of. He saves his family and vows to unite Vijay and Meena. Will he succeed?

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Shankar Ustaad-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Online-Shankar Ustaad (2007)
This is the story of Santhosha an innocent and hard working youngster whose aim is to earn money to secure a good medical treatment for his mentally challenged sisters. And he also loves the girl next door which creates problems for him. He is implicated in a false case and is booked by a crook in the garb of a policeman. Then he is troubled by a don. Santhosha is forced to take up arms and retaliate against the don. He is subsequently jailed where he takes an inevitable step to lead a rival underworld group. Meanwhile, a medical student loves him for his bravery and innocence. The Police commissioner advises Medical student to prevail upon Santha to surrender to the police. Finally, the film ends on a tragic note.

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Aaj Ki Dadagiri-Watch Movie online

Watch Movie Online-Aaj Ki Dadagiri
Once upon a time action films director Joe Simon has picked a story that is all about nexus between politicians and underworld dons. On the other hand youth power is focused by the director as the rulers of India tomorrow. The real life Member of Legislative Assembly B.C.Patil plays the underworld don and supporting actor Avinash is the politician. Krishne Gowda is the head of the youth wing. The politicians make use of underworld dons to remain in power for ever. When they are behind bars they do not care for their safety. That is opposed by the underworld dons in this film. Meanwhile the youth power wages war on both politicians and underworld dons. Who is the winner? How the crooked politician throw tantrum on his own daughter, underworld dons and mislead the youth power is the climax. The underworld dons reform in life and takes oath not to back the back biting politicians
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Ek Elaan E Jung-Watch Movie online

Watch Movie Online-Ek Elaan E Jung
Ek Elaan E Jung Synopsis : It's an action oriented movie in which, Sagar (Jagapathi Babu) is a fun loving guy falls for a beautiful Rajya Laxmi (Saakshi Sivanand). The family of Sagar meets the family of Rajya Laxmi to fix up the match to Sagar's sister too gets engaged to a guy. There is a parallel story running along with the Sagar's love story. Chepala Krishna (Tanikella Bharani) is a noted smuggler in Vizag. Chepala Nani (Ravi Teja) is his younger brother. Both of them rule the underworld in the city. Chepala Krishna has an ambition of a life time. He wants to become a politician. Krishnam Raju (Sivaji Raja) is the sub-inspector of police for that area. Then enters the scene, the C.I. of police Sri Hari (Sri Hari) He is the most dreaded among criminals and a very honest Police officer. With the help of Krishnam Raju he gets to know about all the criminals in that area and Chepala Krishna tops the most wanted criminals list. When Chepala Krishna is about to file his nominations for the post of an MLA, he gets arrested by Sri Hari. Rest of the story is about how Sagar, with Sri Hari defeats the intentions of Chepala nani and other underworld elements.

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Karamyodha-watch Movie online

Watch Movie Online-Karamyodha
Synopsis-EK AUR KARMYODHA ' is one such film which is with main focus on violence with sentimental aspects thrown in here and there. EK AUR KARMYODHA director Shriram has worked hard to write a good story for the film and he has executed the climax sequence very well.. Agni is better in the second half, but is Varsha, the heroine of the film has already made a name in her debut film .

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Kranti Power Of Unity-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Online-Kranti Power Of Unity (2008)
Kranti Power Of Unity Synopsis : This film opens with three of the four protagonists Sebastian, Shafeeq and Iyer getting out of jail after serving three years for the crimes committed in the first part of the trilogy. The fourth one played by Bharath is supposedly killed by the police in their earlier encounter. This time, each of the close members associated with them urge the trio, to play safe by evading the violent methods that they had taken earlier. They continue with their studies, but can't keep quiet for long from fighting the necessary evils that they find everyday, around their society. Finally they reinvent themselves, by killing the state minister who sold much of the state to international mafia. Now termed 'Of The People', they venture into the jungle area and model themselves on their hero the legendary Che Guevara. They set up an interactive website, taking complaints from common folks and exterminating the criminals wearing the Guevara type dress code. The chief minister of the state, under huge political pressures, appoints an officer Harishankar, to grab the trio but in a short time realizes that the common man is always on the side of 'the gang'. He being the righteous guy, changes side, operating as a person from the force for 'of the People', who let them know about the possible evil doers inside the government machinery and the initiatives of the government to capture them.

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Yudhveer-Watch Movie online-HD

Watch Movie online-Yudhveer
Synopsis-Yudhveer in this movie sudeep loves the girl but she is scared to confess since her parents wont agree.A complete action masala flix with lots of twist and turns and ultimately they get married.

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Zakhmi Aurat-Watch Movie Online-HD

Watch Movie Online-Zakhmi Aurat
This story rotates around Inspector Jhansi, a courageous lady who fearlessly imprisons the criminals and makes sure that they are punished. Her journey is not so smooth. She even gets suspended for her fearless work. Will, Jhansi accept the defeat so easily?
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Sabse Bada Mawali-watch Movie Online

Watch Movie Online-Sabse Bada Mawali (2009)
Sabse Bada Mawali is the Hindi dubbed version of Kannada movie Gooli starring Sudeep, Mamta Mohandas, Kishore, Bhavya and Sathyaraj. Sabse Bada Mawali is the story of Gooli (Sudeep), a fearless and aggressive goon. A person good at heart, he helps people in distress. Ramya (Mamta Mohandas) is the apple of everyone's eye at her home. Situations make Gooli and Ramya meet and even after he speaks rudely to her, she falls in love with him. She is hurt when he rejects her. But soon he realizes that she is the only one who has brought some positivity in his life. Now he goes to her house to propose marriage. After much contemplation her family agrees. But on the day of the marriage an unfortunate incident turns their lives upside down. Watch this film for the superb story!

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Karan Poojari-Watch movie online

Watch Movie online-Karan Poojari
Synopsis-This story rotates around Karan Poojari's fight for justice. It is a painful tale explaining Karan's journey from innocence to crime.Karan Poojari is a tough man who proves to be a disaster for criminals. A director plans to capture Poojari's story in a film. Initially he is shown to be very calm, non - violent and intelligent man with complete family responsibility. His father expires and the whole responsibility falls on him. Poojari and his family suffer a lot because of Balram - the actual villain; who ruins the whole life of Poojari and his family. Watch themovie to know how Poojari takes the revenge?
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Ek Villain - Hindi Full Movie 2014(HD)

Ek Villain - Hindi Full Movie 2014
Ek Villain is a 2014 Indian actionfilm directed by Mohit Suri. The film stars Sidharth Malhotra, Riteish Deshmukh and Shraddha Kapoor in lead roles.
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